Journey to Your Heart was co-created by Davide D'Agostino from Tantric Rebirthing Handpan and Akari Tamura from Akari Yoga

sharing the vision of the way of the heart and love + various practices to ignite the power within and harmony.

We offer class, workshop, event, retreat, healing session, and musical performance around the world

- Davide D'Agostino -

Davide D’Agostino, originally from Italy, is a Healer incooperating the element of water, air and sound - music.  

He his a  Shamanic Breathwork and  healing water therapy  Facilitator Musician and Event Organizer, Dive Master, Diving Instructor, and Sailer.


He was born in the beautiful mountain region of Valle D’Aosta, where the footage of Alps starts to grow, yet Davide’s life has always been connected with “water” in many different ways since childhood. He started swimming at the age of 4 and participated in a number of competitions to win a prize. After years of trainings and competitions in swimming, he started his career in water when he was 18. He began to work as a life guard and swimming instructor during the summer season of high school. While working, he studied psychology in university, and his passion for the ocean further led him to become an instructor of canoe and hobby cat. Music has been also a big part of his life that he has been playing many different kinds of instruments since he was at the young age. He played different kinds of percussions, guitar, didgeridoo, steel drum, and a drum kit.


He began to travel around the world at the age of 20 as a teacher of different disciplines of aquatics which led him to become a Dive Master and Diving instructor. His curiosity and dreams about the ocean were always guiding him throughout any challenges along his path, until he became a capitan (he can legally sail without any distant limits from the coast!). He has sailed with one of the best sailors such as Matteo Miceli and Susanne Bayer.  


With a passion for music, traveling and discovering new things, he crossed the oceans and Meditteranian sea, played at several music bands, and saw different cultures and countries. His life was full of rich experiences, many different amazing stories to tell, and those experience deepened his life and himself enormously. However, his internal journey started to awaken day by day after years of traveling. Listening deeply to the heart, he realized to find happiness and stillness within.


In 2010, he started to study Buddhism and different kinds of meditation. Following inner calling, he continued his study on Yoga, Tantra, Rebirhting, and Wataflow. Also the music has started to take another value in his life when he started to play the handpan.


Handpan opened his potential so much more with an infinite grace, and it became a channel for him to become more aware of his true nature. A big shift happened as he began to incorporate music as a tool to help others.


Davide is passionate about sharing what he has learned throughout his life adventure, and he is dedicated to help people to find their deepest happiness through yoga, Rebirthing sessions, Water sessions , Kirtan and music. He is also a professional musician and an event organizer. One of his famous event “Indigo” in Koh Phangan used to gather more than 300 people to dance together every week.

Or another one is  ''Dreamland'' Live music from the source,and the last one was ''Blue Pearl'' Shamanic Dance .



He currently offers his Rebirthing , Shamanic Breathwork and  private sessions in the ocean ,  musical performance and  concert in  Koh Phangan, a magical island of Thailand, where all his dreams became true in reality and are manifesting in the best way.

- Akari Tamura -

Akari, originally from Japan, is yoga instructor, kirtanist, multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, theta healer, and massage therapist.




Yoga & Meditation


Her self-enquiry began when she traveled around south-east Asia and Africa by volunteering in her teens. Her desire to help people led her to study different healing modalities, and her thirst to know about the Truth naturally led her to discover the yoga system. She has studied different styles of yoga over the years: studying the esoteric lineages of Indian and Tibetan Tantra brought a lot of depth to her own practice and spirituality, as well as the practice of Vedanta and participation in different meditation retreats, and the completion of two yoga teacher trainings on Ashtanga Vinyasa and Classical Hatha yoga. She has taught asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy at different workshops/retreats/trainings in Australia, India, Japan and Thailand. In her class, she encourages her students to be with the breath, as the present moment awareness transcends the practice into moving meditation. She also brings an awareness of love and devotion into her teaching, so that every breath and movement become an offering to the divine. She is passionate about sharing the freedom that arises from the spiritual heart and her mission is to share this awareness towards freedom and the Truth beyond the physical practice.






She began her musical training on classical piano at the age of 4. She participated in a couple of different competitions every year and has won many prizes until she decided to quit when she was 15. After a few years of break, she rediscovered the joy of music by playing the djembe and dun-dun, studying of the West African music from different masters, and creating the performance with the team of dancers and musicians. While traveling around the world since she was a teen, she learned mantras and heart songs and she fell in love with devotional singing that opened her heart and voice in the way that she had never experienced. She has been leading the Kirtan (call-and-response style chanting) around the world for the last several years with harmonium and guitar to spread love, light, and freedom. She is passionate about Bhakti Yoga as opening the heart to the divine brings such a depth into our every-day life experience. Other than Kirtan, she offers musical performance with her partner Davide in different venues and events. She also offers individual/group music lesson on piano, harmonium, drum, djmbe, guitar and voice work, kirtan workshop, drumming workshop, and women’s drum class.






She has completed Theta Healing basic and advanced courses both in Japanese and English. She has studied Thai Yoga massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, and Lomi Lomi. She has also studied aromatherapy that she used to make her own products "Wamony" and sell at different shops and markets in Thailand and Japan. She has worked at spa and healing spaces in Australia and dedicated hundreds of hours to work on different bodies, and has taught Thai yoga massage in different trainings in Thailand. She currently offers Thai Yoga massage workshop, Theta Healing and Integral Massage Therapy which is a combination of deep tissue massage therapy and energy work.