Journey to Your Heart was created by Davide D'Agostino 

sharing the vision of the way of the heart and love + various practices to ignite the power within and harmony.

He offer classes, workshops, events, retreats, healing sessions and musical performance in koh phangan 

- Davide D'Agostino -

Davide D’Agostino, originally from Italy,

is a Sonic Shamanic Maestro.

Specialist on the Hang Drum, Shamanic Flutes, Bansuri Flutes, Drums, Crystal Bowls, Light Language and channeling different Shamanic frequencies through

his deep ancestral voice.

Davide carries the ancient frequencies of

the Sacred Masculine,

a true Sonic Alchemist of love.

He is a Sound, Breath and Water Master Healer incooperating the element of water, air and Frequencies of

unconditional Love.  

He studied psychology in university and began to travel around the world at the age of 20 as a teacher of different disciplines of aquatics which led him to become a Dive Master and Diving instructor.

His curiosity and dreams about the ocean were always guiding him throughout any challenges along his path, until he became a Sail Boat Capitan (he can legally sail without any distant limits from the coast!). He has sailed with one of the best sailors such as Matteo Miceli and Susanne Bayer.  


With a passion for music, traveling and discovering new things, he crossed the oceans and Meditteranian sea, played at several music bands, and saw different cultures and countries.

His life was full of rich experiences, many different amazing stories to tell,

and those experience deepened his life and himself enormously.

However, his internal journey started to awaken day by day after years of traveling. 

Listening deeply to the heart, he realized to find happiness and stillness within.

In 2010, he started to study Buddhism and different kinds of meditation. Following inner calling, he continued his study on Yoga, Tantra, Rebirhting, Water sessions and Shamanism. 


Davide created Shamanic Breath of love Ceremony and Shamanic Sound Healing Meditation

 with the intention to help open minded, heart centered individuals to shift energy and blockages

held within their bodies cellular memory in order to gain insights into themselves and

experience states of deep peace and relaxation through music, meditation & breath through

these powerfully healing Divine Sound Journeys.

These sessions are highly useful for improving overall health, vitality & well-being; releasing tension,  stress and traumas,  gaining focus and clarity; awakening the bodies innate healing wisdom and gaining personal empowerment and deeply connect with the most powerful energy of unconditional love.

He also create Journey to Your Heart in the Ocean, a Water Healing session. 

Applying different techniques and maneuvers, you will experience the blissful state of no mind,

no gravity, silence, or any emotional release.

Creating a safe space in water guides you to switch off the mind, relax the body to let go any unnecessary emotions and feel lighter with more life force energy, clarity and transparency of the mind.

Every session is unique and tailor made according to the client, and in most cases clients feel energized and radiant with the sense of peace, joy, and overflowing love.Is like a Dance Massage Meditation in the Ocean.


Davide is passionate about sharing what he has learned throughout his life adventure, and he is dedicated to help people to find their deepest happiness through yoga, Shamanic Breath of love  sessions, Water sessions,

Shamanic Sound Healing Meditation and music.

He is also a professional musician and an event organizer. One of his famous event “Indigo” in Koh Phangan used to gather more than 300 people to dance together every week.

Or another one is ''Dreamland'' Live music from the source, or ''Blue Pearl'' Shamanic Dance,

and the last one is "live Harmonics"


He currently offers his,  Breath of love ceremony and Shamanic Sound Healing Meditation and private sessions in the ocean, musical performance and concert in Koh Phangan, a magical island of Thailand, where all his dreams became true in reality and are manifesting in the best way.