Journey to your heart in the ocean

Water is an essential elements, it contributes to about 80% of our body constitution and to the surface of the planet. It represents the source, the mother, the femininity, surrendering, receiving, and the capacity or ability to trust. Applying different techniques and maneuvers, you will experience the blissful state of no mind, no gravity, silence, or any emotional release. Creating a safe space in water guides you to switch off the mind, relax the body to let go any unnecessary emotions and feel lighter with more life force energy, clarity and transparency of the mind. Every session is unique and tailor made according to the client, and in most cases clients feel energized and radiant with the sense of peace, joy, and overflowing love.


Journey to your heart in the ocean is more than a water massage, it is a journey to our essence. It combines stretching, massage with movements, chanting, meditation and breathwork. We begin with a small shamanic breathwork, then you will be guided into the whole session in the water that involves different movements to carry you into the state of  relaxation and healing. We will end the session with deep relaxation on the beach accompanied by live organic sound healing. 


The session lasts approx. 60 to 90 mins and it involves short breathwork, water session, meditation with live sound healing and the integration talk. The journey is very helpful for anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and fear of water.The session can be done either in natural water (ocean, lake, river and hot spring ) or in a swimming pool.


The invitation is to surrender, to observe without judgement, to open your heart and receive unconditional love from mother ocean. One session can be very powerful experience, and more treatments can lead the receiver to let go many of old unnecessary emotions and sometimes even unknown blockages. It is an experience of dance of universe that carries you into a deep meditative state. It is a journey to your heart and our essence of light.