Kirtan, chanting the names of the divine or mantra in Sanskrit, is originally a practice from the lineage of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion and love. In Kirtan, we unite as a group in devotion and celebration. As we chant the simple yet powerful Sanskrit words over and over again in the river of music, and really start to feel with our entire being, the infinite is invoked in our hearts. We experience the stillness and beingness as almost every cells are vibrating in love. We become our true Self that is beyond our small self. Let go and free your small self to just be. Surrender to the force within that is invited and invoked through your devotion to the every moment. We can only feel and be, and the way here is through our hearts ♥ The Bhakti Yoga is truly a path. Devotional chanting is a powerful way to raise our vibration and bring us back into our heart so we can fully experience our true nature which is love. By tuning into the sacred sounds of cosmos, we connect and embody the blissful vibrations showering aliveness down helping to purify our minds and energy fields. Together, we embrace the Bhakti tradition and unite in a vision of light and happiness for all beings.


We currently hold a Kirtan circle in Koh Phangan, Thailand;

"Full Power Kirtan!" Sundays 8-10pm @ Sound Temple, Pyramid Yoga Center


Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu – May all beings in the universe be happy, free and at peace.