Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony

5 Elements

We invite you for a heart-opening sacred ceremony of shamanic breathwork + sound medicine + deep relaxation in the water + fire gathering.The whole journey is accompanied by shamanic live music with integration of 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air, and either/space.




This sacred journey is accompanied by shamanic live music throughout the ceremony, and it incorporates mudra, Shamanic breathwork, shamanic energy healing, vibrational sound from various instruments including handpan, shamanic drum and flutes, medicine songs, mantras, guided meditation, deep relaxation in the water, fire gathering and heart sharing circle.  


Shamanic Breathwork is a simple and gentle practice to release stuck emotions and past conditioning/trauma, reset from daily stress and connect with inner wisdom. We will let go whatever no longer that doesn't serve for us, and open ourselves to LOVE that we are. You will be guided different phases of breathwork by shamanic live music of drum, flutes, shakers, voice, guitar, handpan etc. After the breathwork part of the ceremony, we will move into the swimming pool to hold each other in the water, to fully let go, surrender, experience oneness and unconditional love within and everywhere. We will conclude the whole journey by gathering around the fire for a heart sharing circle with songs. The whole journey is for you to EMBODY the deep eternity of the heart, you as a spirit experiencing this life journey in your own unique form in relations to 5 elements within and around. No previous experience of any kind of practice is required. Just a willingness to look within and let your true self shine out through your whole being. :)


The ceremony is guided by Akari and Davide from Journey to Your Heart. They are a team of Healer and musician yogi couple traveling around the globe. Their dharma (soul purpose) is to share the joy and freedom of living with open heart ♥