200hr YTT in Thailand

Akari will be offering the three-week 200hr YTT at Serenity Residence in Koh Phangan, Thailand in April, 2018. The course is registered with Yoga Alliance and it provides a great foundation for refining your skills in the practice and art of teaching yoga. The venue is at a stunning location with views of the turquoise-blue ocean. The course offers an all-inclusive program that goes to the depths of yoga and leads you on your transformational journey.

You will be challenged and stretched in the best of ways, for your emergence as a dedicated yoga teacher/practitioner to truly serve the greater whole of the world with integrity, understanding and love. The course offers the sublimed and systematic understanding and practice of yoga through asana, pranayama, bandha, meditation, mudra and mantra with great amount of time delivered to the lectures or discussions of anatomy, philosophy, and methodology with supportive and radiant experienced teachers. You will be given all the tools necessary to start teaching yoga based on the tradition of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga upon the completion of the program. You will be also introduced to Ayurveda, Thai Yoga massage, and different breathwork techniques. Join us for the journey into the depth of yoga as an embodied path of integrated consciousness.

practice with presence and heart

Akari leads a graceful and heartful yoga based on the teaching of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Tantra Yoga. The class is infused with stories, myths, symbolism of Hinduism where all the ideas of Yoga come from, and it incorporates asana, mantra, and mudra to explore our totality from the physical body to the inner most being. This alignment-based class welcomes all levels and ages of students as they are guided into correct alignment of asana safely. Much focuses are on breath and energetic flow within that we learn to embody the wisdom of 5 elements and chakra system. and Akari is passionate about delivering the essence of Bhakti (devotion, love) and Jnana (truth, Self, oneness) into practice, and making it as an offering to our hearts. Yoga practice brings us clarity and space, allows us to experience the opening of physical, energetical, mental, and spiritual body, and this openness is, in another word, freedom. The practice cleanses and purifies our body, nadi-s (energy channels), and mind by cultivating the awareness of present moment, which ultimately leads to the realization of all that is. Yoga is not really about getting fit or putting the legs up, though they are absolutely part of the amazing benefits from dedicated practice. In the deepest sense, the yoga practice is our devotion to the Self that resides in each and everyone's heart, to remember who we are, remember ourselves as eternal and divine, not as an emotion or thought that we often used to identify with. This intention of Heart and remembrance carries a light to our practice, and to our life. One of the purposes of our practice is to offer it up to the fire of our hearts, so that leads for all beings to be happy, free, and at peace. Akari brings an awareness of love and devotion into her teaching, so that every breath and movement become an offering to the divine and a prayer to all. She is passionate about sharing the freedom that arises from the spiritual heart and her mission is to share this awareness towards freedom and the Truth beyond the physical practice.




Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a beautiful meditative and ancient practice transmitted by Sri. K. Patthabhi Jois (1915 – 2009) who studied under Sri Krishnamacharya. "Ashtanga" means 8 limbs of yoga based on the teaching of Patanjali, and "Vinyasa" means flow. The sequences are believed to be written in a traditional text called “Yoga Koranta” over 2000 years ago by Rishi Vamana. Different kinds of vinyasa style of yoga are all stemmed from this Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Ashtanga Yoga can be seen as physically challenging fast paced masculine practice and it can be experienced in this way around the world. However, Akari's teaching carries a lot of elements on cultivating the internal awareness in the energetical, mental, and spiritual level, other than the physical alignment.


Using the ujjayi breath, drishti (eye gazing point), and bandha-s (energy lock) as the guiding force in a continuous flow of movement, the practice is transcended to the moving meditation. It is a dance between the breaths and the movement with the back ground music of our own breath. Akari guides the steady breaths without pushing them too fast, so we become able to focus internally towards the freedom and present. Her class can be sometimes challenging, but not in a forceful way. The students will be guided through the sequence with mindfulness. Akari's class is for all levels with an option of different modifications and variations of poses. She has taught the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to a group of people in the age of 60's - 70's.


There are six series of asanas in the Ashtanga Yoga System; Primary, Intermediate, Advanced A, B, C, and D.  The Primary Series are designed to increase the flexibility and strength, and open the hips by standing and seated poses, to bring the energy upwards by inverted postures, and to the stillness of meditation in the heart. The Intermediate Series contain a lot of back bending and advanced poses, and traditionally the practice is done step by step in Mysore style. The mantras are chanted at the beginning and the end from the heart.

Classical Hatha Yoga


The class is focused on purifying the energy channels and chakras, developing the sense of subtle energy, and cultivate the awareness of present moment. While holding a posture for a certain amount of time, the students will be encouraged to observe the sensations and energy flow in the body, and become aware of the breath. Purifying the mind creates and opens the space for the stillness to naturally arise. After every performance of asana, there is a moment to feel the after effect physically, energetically and mentally. The asana practice also can be followed by pranayama and meditation practice. As Ha (means "solar, masculine, yang") Tha (means "lunar, feminine, yin") literally means the harmony of the opposites, hatha yoga is designed to align the balance of our being holistically and works towards harmony for all.



The term pranayama is a combination of two words, prana and ayama.”Prana” means energy or life force, “Ayama” means extension or expansion. The breath is deeply connected to our mind. As the breath is calm, the mind is also calm. The breath also never stops from the birth time to the death, both awaken state (conscious) and sleeping state (subconscious). The breath is such an intimate partner to you, and we can be in love with this sacred gift of life. The breath can be a bridge between our body and mind, our conscious mind and sub conscious mind. The practice of pranayama releases blockages in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level and leads towards the rising of kundalini and inner peace. The practice can be gentle and calming, and can also be powerful and awakening depending on the techniques. 












"We attended a 4 day workshop on Pranayama led by Akari, set in a wonderful, peaceful, natural landscape. Akari was an excellent teacher and showed us several techniques, with very useful background information on the topic. She was very knowledgeable, accessible, articulate and patient. My partner has a background in yoga and I was approaching it from a mindfulness perspective, and we both found the content and delivery to be a fantastic introduction to this subject. Since then we've been practicing and sharing Pranayama with others in our home town, as we were so enthused and impressed by Akari's example of being a genuine Yogi. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn about Pranayama with Akari is wise to take up the chance. They will be able to develop and help themselves and others."

- Andy, UK








Spiritual Heart Meditation


Hridaya Yoga is a path of the Spiritual Heart whose purpose is the revelation of our True Self, in Hridaya we refer to our True Self as the Spiritual Heart. Hridaya is our essential and ultimate nature, the pure “I”, it is named Atman in the Yogic tradition. It acknowledged as our witness consciousness, that intimate observer of all of our thoughts, emotions and sensations of the mind and of the whole Universe in both its inner and outer dimensions. The Spiritual Heart is the ultimate essence of everything there is.



The Yoga of the Spiritual Heart allows us to live in the very “core” of the existence, to feel the heartbeat of every moment of life, to know intuitively the eternal dimension of every moment. Through practice, we will find in ourselves that place of stillness and true inner peace.



" As great as the infinite space beyond, is the space within the lotus of the heart.


    Both heaven and earth are contained in that inner space,


     both fire and air, sun and moon, lightening and stars.


  Whether we know it is this world or know it not, everything is contained in that inner space." - Chandoya Upanishad